Swap bodies

To complement our rail services DFDS Logistics operates a fleet of approximately 1000 swap-bodies.

Each swap-body is either 7.45 or 7.82 metres long and is carried, in pairs, on a truck and drawbar trailer. The units are totally demountable and using their fitted legs can be dropped and collected by their carrying vehicles with no outside assistance.

This facility means that the units can be dropped at a customer's premises, and loaded at the customer's convenience, being designed to be loaded while free standing.

Once loaded the units are delivered to appointed rail terminals where they are transferred to dedicated shuttle trains for rapid transit to their final destination.

Innovation in action

As one of the first combined transport operators, DFDS Logistics has a 7.82 m MEGA swap-body in use. The MEGA swap body is a newly developed swap-body with a capacity of 102 m³ (1 set of swap- bodies) in which 38 euro pallets can be loaded up to a maximum of 26,5 tons. The customer can load up to 4 pallets more in a MEGA than in a standard swap-body. The MEGA’s are being operated between Italy, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Our 7.45 swaps can carry 28 tons and load 90 m3/36 pallets.

A fleet of 13.60 m swap-body is operational between UK or Scandinavia to/from Italy. These swap-bodies are one ton lighter in comparison with the standard swap-bodies and can load 27 tons of cargo.