DFDS Logistics contract management services for Wellman International

Wellman International is the largest producer of high quality polyester stable fibres in Europe. The company has been a pioneering user of recycled (“post consumer”) raw materials since the Irish plant was founded in the early 1970s. The business has expanded to produce and export 70,000 tonnes of Polyester Fibres to Europe each year.

DFDS Logistics’ contract with Wellman, secured in September 2004, includes 4PL and 3PL logistics services including full shipping and distribution activities in the UK and Europe. DFDS Logistics handles 140,000 tonnes of product with 15,000 shipments per annum utilizing both trailers and containers, including special dedicated containers built for the customer. We manage 5 warehouse facilities for Wellman International with our dedicated 10 on-site staff.

Wellman’s Logistics Process Managed by DFDS Logistics

  • Recovered bottles are sourced in DE, BE, NL, FR and other countries and delivered to their own factories in NL and FR in bales
  • Here the raw materials are put through cleaning, cutting and sorting processes and blown directly from production into specially designed 45’ Max-Bulk Intermodal containers
  • There is no on-site storage facility and continuous loading is required as all plants operate 24/7
  • The goods are then shipped to the Polyester manufacturing facility in Ireland
  • The recovered PET flake has to be blended to achieve different grades/products and finished product quality is checked. Bale is wrapped and moved from production to storage to then be shipped direct to client or UK/DE Regional Distribution Centres
  • This continuous inter-dependant supply chain results in 140,000 tonnes of finished product each year to be used in Textile, Consumer and Automotive industries

Dedicated “Bespoke” Equipment

DFDS Logistics have dedicated 250 of 45’ Max-Bulk HC Containers to Wellman. The container’s special features include:

  • DFDS own rear door design
  • Load PET Flake in Bulk – 27.5t
  • Delivery on tipping chassis
  • Re-load with Baled fibre