DFDS Logistics - Germany

In Germany DFDS Logistics operate from Hamburg (post code 0-3) and Vlaardingen, NL (post code 4-9) providing logistics services for both ambient and refrigerated goods to the UK & Ireland, as well as to other key European markets.

A dedicated service focused on the transport of high value goods is offered with secure box and curtain sided trailers (anti-slash) which together with slam lock doors fitted with electronic alarm locks, and track and trace facilities provide a very secure transport solution to our customers.

Along with our scheduled services, express freight is currently available from DFDS Logistics Germany and which has already proved popular with a number of key automotive manufacturers in the country. This facility enables supply chains to work on a Just in Time (JIT) principle, reducing stock requirements and subsequently providing benefit to our clients through lower costs.

Longer transport distances e.g. from Northern Germany to Italy may also be undertaken on rail to offer our clients an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for their transport requirements (maximum payload 28 tonnes).

Services in Germany

  • Full and part load transportation in standard and mega trailers as well as containerised
  • Distribution services
  • Intermodal services
  • Accompanied and unaccompanied transport
  • High value transports and equipment
  • Automotive services

Germany to: Ambient Temperature controlled Rail
Full loads Part loads Full loads Part loads
Baltic States Yes Yes -
Ireland Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Italy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Norway Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Russia Yes Yes 
UK Yes Yes Yes Yes


Facilities & value added services

  • High value logistics specialists
  • Standard and Mega trailer
  • 45' Container 
  • Multi-Lingual staff speaking: English, German, Dutch & Danish
  • 4 PL, Just-in-time, tailor-made solutions