DFDS Logistics - France

In France the DFDS Logistics team include specialists in temperature controlled distribution and contract logistics management. Our current client base includes major multi-national vehicle and chemical manufacturers.

Our offices in France are positioned in strategic locations to optimise the DFDS transport network in the area.

From Boulogne we operate a chilled distribution facility covering all European destinations; also offering forwarding activities across Europe for both ambient and temperature controlled full and part load transportation.

From our French speaking office in Gent we are responsible for all transports from France to Sweden, Norway & Finland. In these corridors we are using the motorways of the seas, which essentially are the environment friendly RO-RO solutions between the ports of Gent and Gothenburg/Brevik, and for the Finnish market between Antwerp to Hamina. With our fleet of 800 trailers we offer reliable services for both small and large scale customers.

From our French speaking office in Brugge we specialise in accompanied, transport door-to-door via road-ferry-road links. The services through Brugge office include the consolidation and distribution of chilled and frozen part loads with dual temperature reefers all over Europe, Switzerland and Norway. We also provide transports of chilled and frozen full loads with single temperature reefers as well as ambient full loads with strong coverage to and from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Southern Netherlands, Northern France and Northern Italy. We are ISO 22000 certified and our reefer trailers are equipped with satellite tracking and tracing.

We also offer containerized combined road transportation services in France with multi-modal short-sea solutions between our Scandinavian terminals and the terminal in Gent. Please click here to review our sailing schedules.

Services in France

  • Dedicated full and part loads services
  • Full transport and asset management
  • Temperature controlled warehousing in Boulogne
  • Temperature controlled cargo consolidation
  • Customs clearance


France to: Managed Contracts Ambient Temperature controlled Rail
Full loads Part loads Full loads Part loads Full loads Part loads
Austria Yes Yes - - - Yes -
Belgium Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - -
England Yes Yes - - Yes - -
Finland - - Yes Yes - - -
France Yes Yes - - Yes - -
Holland Yes Yes - - Yes - -
Ireland Yes Yes - - Yes Yes -
Italy Yes Yes - - Yes Yes Yes
Norway - - Yes Yes - - -
Scotland Yes Yes - - Yes Yes -
Spain Yes Yes Yes - Yes - -
Sweden - - Yes Yes - - -


Facilities & value added services

  • Logistics solutions via transport and asset management
  • Specialists in temperature controlled cargo distribution
  • Multi-Lingual staff, speaking: French & English
  • Business to Business connectivity