DFDS Logistics - England

Our services in England encompass both internal UK and Europe wide transportation. With over 2000 loads moving to and from the UK every week DFDS are one of the leading logistics companies in the country.

Using a combination of road transport, warehousing, short sea ferry and rail services we provide flexible, reliable and cost effective transport solutions that are tailor made to specific clients requirements.

Immingham and Felixstowe (via our Logistics office in Ipswich) are our main gateways to mainland Europe, providing sailings to and from the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway on our own vessels, where we offer part load and full load services including freight management solutions to all European destinations.

DFDS Logistics offer tailor made solutions with customised equipment and a range of rail-linked warehousing and distribution services through our 200,000 sq ft facility in Immingham docks.

Our intermodal solutions include a regular train from Daventry to Milan with ambient and temperature controlled swap body equipment providing nationwide distribution across Italy via our DC close to Milan (Fagnano).

Our depot in Peterborough operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides temperature controlled distribution for major European food manufacturers offering Just in Time (JIT) logistics solutions to optimise our clients’ supply chain. Additionally we offer Driver CPC training – please visit our Hauliers page for more information.

Ireland is serviced by more than 100 trailers daily using a number of ports on the East coast of the UK. Find out more on our Ireland page.

Services in England

  • Part load and Full load, temperature controlled and ambient transport with regular scheduled departures to major cities across Europe
  • Unaccompanied and driver accompanied express services 
  • Containers to Continental Europe and Scandinavia (click here for our sailing schedules)
  • Frequent train service to Italy (click here to learn more about our Intermodal solutions) 
  • High Security and other value added services throughout Europe and Scandinavia
  • Warehousing & next day distribution 

England to: Ambient Temperature controlled Rail Container
Full loads Part loads Full loads Part loads
Austria Yes - Yes Yes - -
Belgium Yes Yes Yes Yes - -
Denmark Yes Yes Yes Yes - -
Eastern Europe Yes - Yes Yes - -
Finland Yes Yes  - - - -
France Yes - Yes Yes - -
Germany Yes Yes Yes Yes - Yes
Holland Yes Yes Yes Yes - -
Ireland Yes Yes Yes Yes - -
Italy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Norway Yes Yes Yes - Yes 
Portugal - Yes Yes - Yes 
Scotland Yes - Yes Yes - -
Spain Yes - Yes Yes - Yes
Sweden Yes Yes Yes Yes - -
Switzerland Yes - Yes Yes - -


Facilities & value added services

  • Specialists in temperature controlled and retail distribution
  • 85,000 m2 warehousing in Peterborough and Immingham
  • Ambient & temperature controlled trailers including dual compartment units for multi temperature loads
  • DFDS Seaways servicing the Irish Sea, North Sea, and English Channel with own vessels
  • Ships chartering
  • Paper logistics
  • Business to Business connectivity