DFDS Logistics - Denmark

In Denmark DFDS Logistics offer ambient and temperature controlled transport solutions between Denmark and UK, Ireland, Italy, and Switzerland for full loads as well as a number of part loads destinations.

Our local facilities in Denmark also provide dedicated distribution offering an unrivalled service for the distribution of groupage arriving from all import markets. Danish distribution continues to develop both in terms of size and available services and DFDS Logistics are able to offer next day deliveries throughout the country.

DFDS Logistics multimodal services offer the most cost effective and efficient transport solutions, enabling the best combination of service parameters to suit the customer requirements. Intermodal offer standard 34 pallet swap body equipment alongside both a 36 and 38 pallet solution and are therefore able to provide not only increased payloads due to railway transit but also extra pallet intake for high volume / low weight shippers.

Additionally our Forwarding department provides a wide range of transport solutions complementing our own transportation network.

Services in Denmark

  • Groupage & distribution
  • Next day deliveries throughout Denmark
  • Daily multimodal services to Italy and the UK
  • Full and part load services for both ambient and temperature controlled cargo

Denmark to: Ambient Temperature controlled Rail
Full loads Part loads Full loads Part loads
Ireland Yes Yes - - -
Italy Yes Yes Yes - Yes
Switzerland Yes Yes Yes - Yes
UK Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Facilities & value added services

  • 27.5 hour environmentally friendly rail transit between Denmark and Italy
  • Dedicated road solution set-up from Italy to Scandinavia and vice versa
  • DFDS Seaways servicing two ports in the UK from Esbjerg
  • Dry cargo warehouse facility
  • Multi-lingual staff speaking: Danish, English, German, Swedish & Italian
  • Business to Business connectivity